Register your boat under Polish Flag – valid forever – no renewals!

Do you need a flag registration that is valid around the world and is available to all nationalities – we can provide you with a Polish (EU) flag registration. This registration is valid for the lifetime of the boat and therefore you will not need to renew your paperwork. The whole process is very simple, as you do not need a yacht survey and the provisional documents can be supplied in 2-3 days and the final registration should not take more than 2-3 weeks, if you supply us with the correct documents. We highly recommend the Polish Flag Registration as it is currently the easiest and most inexpensive flag in the world!

IMPORTANT - The Polish Flag Registration is an actual FLAG REGISTRATION that is valid around the world with no restrictions!

How much does it cost to register in Poland?
Our prices include everything! No hidden cost like translations, courier fees or consulting fees. One price that includes all government fees.

  • Up to 7 meter: € 469,-
  • From 7.1 to 12 meter: € 569,-
  • From 12.1 to 24 meter: € 669,-

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